Our Team

Lynne Pederson


I like to laugh every day, and eat at least one piece of chocolate. I look forward to coming to work every day to be a part of the momentum, energy, and fun. Come see me if you have general questions about FiftyNorth – why things are the way they are, new ideas, policies, etc. I look forward to meeting you!

Craig Swenson

Assistant Director

Craig Swenson, Assistant Director, Fitness Coordinator, Personal Trainer, and Group Exercise Instructor. I oversee all of the fitness aspects of the center and programming at FiftyNorth. If you have questions regarding fitness classes, the pool, the gym, trainers etc... You can come to me anytime and I work with you to find the answers. When I am not working I like to spend time with my wife and fur-baby which is a 65 lbs Golden Doodle that has her dad wrapped around her big paws. I enjoy staying active as much as possible for example adaptive alpine skiing, adaptive water skiing, weightlifting and going for walks I enjoy dabbing into the arts such as woodcarving, painting, and drawing. I will be the one with the superhero shirts walking around the center as Superheroes are a part of my life and I see everyone as their own superhero.

Elaine Grisim

Administrative Coordinator

I like to stay busy at work and learn something new every day; my desk is usually full of papers, but I always have room for chocolates. If you want to register for a class or talk, want information on renting space from FiftyNorth, or have general questions, stop and see me.

Katie Felland

Arts Coordinator

I LOVE Northfield. And love music, knitting, skiing, time at the lake, walks in the arb, good coffee, and craft beer (and cheese - I'm from Wisconsin!) My greatest joy is my 3 children who are growing up to be amazing people and who challenge me to be my best self. I'm a yogi and yoga instructor at HeartWork Studio and at FiftyNorth, the Arts and Volunteer Coordinator. Come see me if you want to create, teach, exhibit or perform in the arts or volunteer your time and talents!

Roxy Berndt

Dining Site Manager

I love to come to my ``happy place`` every day and make new friends. I find great joy in observing nature while listening to music that lifts my soul. If you would like to share your gift of music, please stop by the Sunshine Café. And smile, dang nab it!

Chris Ellison

Program Coordinator

I have failed retirement twice! I like to learn new things and be around vibrant, interesting people. That is what makes my job perfect. If you have any ideas for programs you'd like us to have here at FiftyNorth, stop by my office or send me an email.

Kristi Casson

Used a Bit Shoppe

I am the head honcho over here at the Used a Bit Shoppe. I love sending hand-written letters and spending time with my family. Please get in touch with me if you have any questions regarding the Used a Bit Shoppe

Jackie Johnson

Membership Coordinator

Been working with seniors for so long I now am one. Started in the late 1970’s. Wow!!
Seen many changes and still getting used to some of them. Now I have to get used to a new car as the axel rusted and fell out of my van yesterday!! Do you believe it?? Thank goodness I was just making a turn in town.
No wonder my picture looks so worried!!
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Senior Board

President: Gordon Kelley
Vice President: Duane Everson
Secretary: Beth Endert
Treasurer: Tom Brawley


Mary Auge
Marv Korman
Richard Jackson
Ken Lee
Elizabeth Olson
Rita Olson
Jane Persons
Lee Runzheimer
Yoshika Soltis
Bob Tabery
Dan Van Tassel

Committee Chairs

Finance: Bill Gruszewski
Membership: Dottie Hammer
Facilities: Char Carlson
Nominating: Duane Everson