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10/22 6:00am
The fitness room is available for use Monday - Thursday 6am-8pm, Friday & Saturday 6 am-6pm, Sunday 9am-6pm. Enter through door just west of main doors between 6 and 7 am.
10/22 6:00am
Attendees may exercise or swim at their own risk in our warmly heated pool. Volunteer monitors usually available. Lap swimming, water exercising and some water exercising equipment available. Any personal equipment must be approved by staff. Open Swim is not available during Aqua Fitness classes. Swimmers are expected to be ready to exit the building by closing time. ADA compliant lift available. Bring your own attendant.
Other Activities
10/22 6:00am
Any Center Activity, including time spent in the lobby, use of the alcove computer, working in the gardens, Tax Aide, hanging a gallery show, Medicare counseling, etc. This is a catch-all for any Center Activity NOT listed elsewhere on this calendar, for the purposes of tracking attendance.
Personal Training
10/22 6:00am
Personal Training Sessions must be previously arranged with the personal trainers.
Walking, Biking, Running
10/22 6:00am
Walking, biking or running is recorded as Center-sponsored fitness activity as long as the individual checks in at the Front Desk before or right after the activity.
Aqua Sunrisers
10/22 7:00am
All of our aquacise classes provide aerobic and strength conditioning using water resistance and buoyancy. They include a warm up, a conditioning phase, a cool down, and stretches.
Instructor: Marilyn Kelley Silver Splash trained
Zumba Gold
10/22 7:00am
Latin and international dances simplified for beginners. Options for all in this cardiovascular workout that enhances balance, agility, and muscle strength. Rhythms highlighted in this program may include the Merengue, Cha Cha, Cumbia, Reggaeton, Salsa, Rock and Roll, Belly Dance, Flamenco, and Tango.
Instructor: Karen Whitaker
Drums Alive!
10/22 7:55am
Get a great cardio workout and increase your coordination while you drum with friends to great music.
Instructor:  Heather Sand
Capacity:  15
Cost:  $9 nonmbr, $7 mbr, $0 plat-equiv
Better Health Through Better Nutrition
10/22 8:00am
This course will teach you a sustainable, habit based approach to nutrition.  Each week will cover a new topic that will help you build a foundation of healthy habits into your life.  Learn how to overcome obstacles and break down complex nutritional goals into easy daily practices that will become second nature. This group will also provide you the support and accountability to help keep you focused and on track to reach your goals.
Instructor:  Kaethe Boutelle
Capacity:  15
Cost:  $72 nonmbr, $56 mbr, $0 plat-equiv
NOTE: Scholarships are available if needed.
Medicare consults
10/22 8:00am