Classes and Talks

REGISTER for these programs: by phone (507-664-3700), in person at the Center, or Online through this website.  To register online, click on the name of the class or talk you wish to attend.

Circle of Support: Drop-in Group for Grief and Loss
Third Mon every month until 8/21/17
11:30am to 12:30pm
If you have experienced the loss of a spouse, child, family member or friend and felt that no one really understood the pain that you are experiencing, you are not alone.  You may also have experienced a divorce, estrangement from a family member, the death of a beloved pet, or the loss of friends due to a recent move.  All of you are welcome to attend this informal and welcoming circle of support.   We will provide you with a space to be with others who are grieving and access resources available in the community.
No fee
Northfield Grief Coalition
Bereavement Coordinator
Katie Jacobi, 507-646-1349

Northfield Boomerang
Bag Project
Reducing the amount of plastic bags used in Northfield!
Thurs, Aug 31 & Fri, Sept 1
10 am to 2 pm
Volunteers create “Take-n-sew” kits for people to sew at home and return finished bags to NSC
For more information contact Kathy Ness 507-581-9600




Make a Chihuly Chandelier
Wed/Fri, Aug 2 & 4
1 – 2:30pm
Make your own colorful chandelier like the one we have hanging by the Center’s front entrance!
Capacity: 10
Materials you will need:
20 thin water bottles like Ice Mountain/Nestle/Poland Spring/Nice – brands that are easy to cut (other types and pop bottles are ok just hard to cut).
30 pipe cleaners
acrylic paint in primary and secondary colors-16 oz of each color you choose
2 bottles of white glue
Colored tissue paper

Fees:  $20/nm, $16/m, $0/plat equiv

Instructor:  Kate Woodstrup

The Wonder of Lines:  Botanical Pen and Ink Drawings
Thu, Aug 10 – 31
1 – 3pm
Join this class to practice your observational and drawing skills as they apply to outdoor and indoor plants.  We will take a closer look at how to capture the lines, shapes and texture seen in natural botanical elements.  We will primarily use pencils, but later add ink wash to incorporate value and shading.

We will also be able to enjoy summer days on the Center’s patio.  Be sure to bring sunglasses, sunscreen, maybe bug repellent and water. If it is a cloudy day, feel free to bring something from your garden to use as a model.
NOTE: A Materials List is available at the front desk
Capacity: 10
Fee: $72/nm, $56/m, $0/plat equiv

Instructor: Kate Douglas

Mixed Media Surface Treatment and Printmaking Workshop
Wed, Sep 6 – 27
1 – 3pm
Explore the endless possibilities of mixed-media surface treatments and printmaking in four two-hour sessions! The exciting part of this workshop is that many of the materials we will be using can be found in your kitchen or bathroom. Many exercises will be comparable to science experiments (without frogs, fire or goggles). You will be asked to bring a number of essential materials. Each process has the potential of being used to create a ‘print’ but this will be an option. You will be able to view a demonstration of each experiment plus have written directions and examples to aid in your exploration. This will be more about having fun with ‘process vs. product’.
There will be a materials fee payable to the instructor at the first class that will allow her to get unusual materials to share.

Instructor will list materials that will be used throughout the 4 weeks so you can begin collecting them; then make lists specifically for each week.  You can pick up the list for week 1 at the front desk
Fee: $72/nm, $56/m, $0/plat equiv

Capacity: 10
Instructor: Kate Douglas

Saying the “D” Word: Dialogues of Death, Dying, D’Life
Every other Thu, Sep 7 – Dec 28
1 – 2:30pm
Join in on participant led dialogues regarding what really matters in our life and becoming more comfortable with talking about the inevitable. We all know how this ends, let’s discuss our thoughts and feelings regarding “dash” of life.
Capacity: 15
Fees (per class): $7/nm, $4/m, $0/plat equiv

Instructors:  Paul and Barb Krause

Build and Learn to Play the One-String Dulcimer
Mon thru Thur, Sept 11 – 14
9 – 11am
Build your own one-string dulcimer and learn to play it. Ross Sutter has successfully built thousands of these instruments and taught children and adults how to play them. We will spend the first two days making the instruments and the next two days learning to play simple tunes on the instruments. The Appalachian dulcimer usually has three or four strings but this one-string version is easier to make, simpler to play and much less expensive.

On Friday, September 15 at 11 a.m. we will have two guest musicians come and play for us on their psalmodikons, a traditional one string instrument from Scandinavia, and we will play for them. Participants will also get to play the psalmodikons with the help of our guest musicians.
Capacity: 10
Fee (includes dulcimer kit): $86/nm, $70/m, $14/plat equiv

Instructor: Ross Sutter

Hearing Health
Mon, Sep 11
4 – 5:30pm
St Olaf Students from the Speech and Cognition Lab will present a program designed to demystify hearing.  How does the ear work and how does the brain and ear work together so we understand what we hear?  As we age, what changes our hearing and what can we do to maximize our ability to hear and understand? The group will also explain the Speech and Cognition Lab and the current research on hearing that is happening there.
Capacity: 30
Fee: free and open to the public

Instructors: Elaine Marie Grafelman, Brock Carlson and ?

Pre-Diabetes Prevention
Thu, Sep 14 – Jan 4, 2018
5:30 – 6:30pm
If you have been told by a physician that you are pre-diabetic then this class is for you. This class will discuss ways to Reverse your pre-diabetic diagnosis and help you get on the track to a healthier and happier you.
​(Class will meet on Monday 11/20 on Thanksgiving Week, and will not meet on 12/28)
Capacity: 15
Cost: $9/nm, $7/m, $0/plat equiv per class
Instructors: Heather Sand/Marie Frederickson

The Wisdom of History Series
Fri, Sep 15 – Dec 22
10:30 – 11:30am
The Wisdom of History Series – Life Lessons from the Great Myths
15 Weeks – Lessons 1 – 15
Cost: $15 one-time fee for materials payable as registration fee for everyone regardless of membership level.

Limited to 15 participants.

Music Ventures
Tue/Thu, Sep 19 – Oct 5
9 – 10am
Based upon interest and input by participants, this 3-week, 6 session music sampler facilitates exploration of a variety of music making activities.  From turning your life-story into song, to community drumming circles and everything in between, you are invited to venture wherever your curiosity or enjoyment of sharing music with others takes you.
NOTE: This activity is made possible by the voters of Minnesota through a grant from the Southeastern Minnesota Arts Council thanks to a legislative appropriation from the arts & cultural heritage fund.
Capacity: 10
Fee: $54/nm, $42/m, $0/plat equiv

Instructor: Wendy Russell

Aging Mastery Program
Thu, Sep 21 – Nov 30
2 – 3:30pm
Aging Mastery Program (AMP) is a fun, innovative, person-centered program developed by the National Council on Aging. This cutting-edge health and wellness series offer the opportunity to hear local experts in the fields covered in the courses discuss the latest research and findings and present modest lifestyle changes to empower and support health, longevity, financial security and well-being. This is a unique opportunity to be a part of this movement to put more life into our retirement years.
Capacity: 30

Fee: $50/nm/m, $25/plat equiv
Full and partial scholarships available

Instructors: Chris Ellison, et. al.

CPR and First Aid and AED Training
Tue, Sep 26
3:30 – 6:30pm
Become CPR and First Aid Certified

Fee: $10 for Staff/Monitors, $45/nm, $30/m, $10//Plat. Equiv.

Instructor: TJ Heinrcy