Classes and Talks

REGISTER for these programs: by phone (507-664-3700), in person at the Center, or Online through this website.  To register online, click on the name of the class or talk you wish to attend.

Aging Brain and Cognition – Student Presentations
Tue, Jan 30
11am – 12:30pm
Aging Brain and Cognition – Student Presentations
Presentations from Jessica Petok’s St Olaf students Psychology class, Aging Brain and Cognition.

No Fee

HOT TOPICS: Putin’s Russia and US/Russian Relations
Tuesday, February 6
9:30 – 11am
Vladimir Putin’s power is steadily increasing and Russian actions and policies effect countries throughout the world – even here in the United States. What is the end goal for Putin? Can he be stopped – and should he?
Capacity: 24
NonMember: $7  Member: $7  Plat-equiv: $0

How Did You Find Me?  Book Talk and Signing
Monday, 2/12/18
1:00pm to 2:30pm
Meet the authors of How Did You Find Me…After All These Years? A Family Memoir.  Dennis and Karen Vinar and Jean and Andrew Voxland present a family memoir about a young girl and boy and the power of love 55 years in the making.  Hear the funny, sweet and poignant moments of love lost and love found.  A perfect Valentine’s Day story to warm your heart and give you hope.
Capacity: 25
Presenters: Dennis and Karen Vinar and Jean and Andrew Voxland

CPR and First Aid and AED Training
Tuesday, 2/13/18
3:30pm to 6:30pm
Become CPR and First Aid Certified
Fee: $10 for Staff/Monitors, $45/nm, $30/m, $10//Plat. Equiv.
Instructor: TJ Heinrcy

Strokes: Causes and Prevention
Tuesday, 2/20/18
2:30pm to 4:00pm
Every 40 seconds in America, someone has a stroke.  Only about 30 percent of victims recognize the symptoms and get to the hospital in time to receive the brain-saving, clot-busting medication. But the good news is that 90 percent of all strokes are preventable.

Mayo Clinic and Northfield Hospital and Clinics Neurologist, Dr. Layne Moore, will present an informative program on the symptoms of strokes and ways to reduce a person’s risk of having a stroke.  Whether for your own health and safety or that of a loved one, this information can potentially save a life.
Capacity: 24
Fee: $7/nm & m, $0/plat equiv
Instructor: Dr. Layne Moore

HOT TOPICS: Police Action and Interaction Policies
Wednesday, 3/07/18
9:30am to 11:00am
The role of police has gotten increasingly complex in communities throughout the country. How do police departments develop policies to deal with racism, protest, profiling, deadly force and other issues? How do they foster trust within their community?
Presenter:  Police Chief Monte Nelson
Capacity: 24
Fee: $7/nm&m, $0/plat equiv

The Story of Laura Baker Services and Its Clients
Friday, 3/09/18
1:00pm to 2:30pm
For nearly 120 years, Laura Baker Services Association has been dedicated to bringing the power of possibility to individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Come and learn about the history of LBSA and the services it provides today. Hear about the current issues facing individuals with developmental disabilities and ways to interact with Laura Baker Services.
Capacity: 20
Free and open to the public
Instructors: Sandi Gerdes and Andrei Sivanich