Meet Our Trainers

What is Personal Training?

Our certified trainers can help you safely and effectively meet your fitness, health and weight management goals, whether you are new to exercise or a tried and true gym veteran. There is something for everyone. With reasonable rates, high demand skills, custom-made programs, our intuitive, motivating and friendly trainers are committed to your personal success. FiftyNorth is the Leader in Fitness for 50+ in Northfield.

Who are they?

All of our trainers have nationally recognized, current certifications, along with additional training especially for working with people over 50, including working with special health and orthopedic issues.

Affordable Fees:

Initial Session (1hr) $40m/$45nm
Subsequent hr         $40m/$45nm
Subsequent 1/2-hr  $25m/$30nm

Personal Trainers

Kaethe Boutelle

Kaethe Boutelle began teaching group fitness classes during college.  After a long break, Kaethe got back into it about three years ago.  Kaethe decided to expand on her experience with teaching and lifting weights and completed the Personal Training/Group Fitness diploma programs at Rochester Community and Technical College.

Kaethe lives in Rochester with her husband where on her seldom free time enjoys gardening, and remodeling her house that was built in 1890. Kaethe has continuing goals to never stop learning and adapting, and helping other live their best life, no matter their age or abilities.

Kaethe’s favorite quote is, “Well that didn’t go as planned.” Even with that being her favorite quote she finds the best in everything and finds the best ways to work with her clients. Kaethe has a very strong knowledge in working with individuals of all abilities and fitness levels.


 -ACE Certified Personal Trainer
-AFAA Cert. Instructor
-Functional Aging Specialist
-Numerous more certs.

 Contact Information:

Phone: (605) 691-9089

Rebecca Gummow

My name is Rebecca Gummow and I am an ACE Certified Personal   Trainer. When I was a kid, I was not interested in fitness or exercise, but in my early 20’s I was overweight and facing some health problems. Fortunately, I had a friend who took me under her wing and gently introduced me to exercise and fitness. Several years later, I worked in a hospital setting as a physical therapist aide. There, I worked with patients with a variety of problems. After my daughter was born I became a Personal Trainer and began working with many different clients, some have been released from physical therapy, some with COPD, or Fibromyalgia, or other conditions. I also work with people with weight loss goals that may have other conditions too.

I have a menagerie of animals, including a daughter and husband, so I spend much of my free time caring for them, but in quiet moments I like to crochet and research fitness articles. I love helping people move and feel better and coaching them to their fitness and health goals.


-ACE Certified Personal Trainer
-Silver Sneakers Yoga Instructor
-Silver Sneakers Classic Instructor

Contact Information:

Phone: (319) 331-2347

Kyle Nelson

Kyle has been a Certified Personal Trainer since 2011. He holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Exercise Science, Physical Education, and Wellness from the University of North Dakota. He is a nationally certified personal trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM).

Kyle has a passion for creating healthy lifestyle changes for all ages. He specializes in improving overall fitness levels, core stability and balance, weight-loss, resistance training, functional strength, and flexibility. Kyle enjoys taking on the challenges of life knowing that they develop good character and accomplishment. He knows it takes work to get anywhere, everyone has a goal they are trying to achieve and with every goal there are challenges. Kyle wants to enhance the priority of your personal health by equipping you with the skills you need to succeed your goals in all aspects of life. By taking care of yourself 1st not only will you feel great, but the people you surround yourself with will benefit.

“Change before you have to, live your life to the fullest, work through any challenge you face and you will be   rewarded in more ways than one”



-NASM Certified Personal Trainer
-Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Science, Physical Education and Wellness

Contact Information:

Phone: (320) 266-4995

Heather Sand

Heather Sand started working at FiftyNorth in 2016 as an instructor for Silver&Fit classes on Mondays. Word soon got out about the talent that Heather possessed and she soon starting taking over numerous styles of classes. Heather has worked with older adults for numerous years and really knows how to connect with everyone along with being able to adapt her classes to individual’s needs. When Heather is not busy teaching classes or personal     training she enjoys spending time with her family, Hiking, Camping, Kayaking, and Stand up Paddleboard. Heathers goals are to make a positive impact on 1 person every day of her life, to raise kind, loving and compassionate children, and to always learn and always grow, always seek, and never know. Heathers favorite quote is… “All we need is love” -The Beatles.


-NETA Certified Personal Trainer
-Cert. 200 Hr. Yoga Inst.
-ACE Group Exercise Instructor
-Numerous more certs.

Contact Information:

Phone:  (612) 718-4998

Craig Swenson

Craig began teaching fitness classes under the guidance of Gale Marchand. As his skills improved Gale noticed Craig’s ability to adapt exercises to suit individuals with physical challenges. This prompted Craig to become a Certified Personal trainer where he specializes in working with special populations.

Craig is the Fitness Coordinator and Assistant Director of FiftyNorth. He lives in Northfield with his wife and fur-daughter. Craig enjoys being active by doing adaptive alpine skiing, adaptive waterskiing, go for walks with his wife and their Golden Doodle, spending time with family and diving into wood carving, painting, and drawing.


 -MS Degree in Exercise Physiology
-BS Degree in Exercise Science
-AS Degree in Exercise Sports Science
-NETA Personal Trainer
-Strength and Conditioning Coach
-Specialize Populations
-Numerous more certs.

Contact Information:

Phone:  (507) 581-6466