New Aging Mastery Program Offered

By March 3, 2016Classes, Fitness, News

The Northfield Senior Center is introducing a 10 week program, The Aging Mastery Program. The Aging Mastery Program is designed to guide adults 55+ in how to make small but meaningful changes in their lives to improve over-all health and well-being. The series is presented in cooperation with the Northfield Hospital. Each week we will have an expert come and speak about the topic of the week along with promoting activities and discussions. The list of topics are…

Week 1: Navigating Longer Lives, (Speakers: Chris Ellison and Craig Swenson)

Week 2: Exercise and You, (Speakers: Northfield Senior Center Fitness Specialists)

Week 3: Healthy Eating, (Speaker: Krisi Von Ruden, Northfield Hospital Registered Dietician)

Week 4: Sleep, (Speakers: Bryan Hoff and Stacey Zell, Northfield Hospital Sleep Center)

Week 5: Financial Fitness (Speaker: Andrew Hauskins, Carlson Capital Management)

Week 6: Medication Management (Speaker: Rob Anderson, Northfield Pharmacy)

Week 7: Advance Planning (Speaker: Susan Lohmann, Director of Social Services Northfield Hospital)

Week 8: Healthy Relationships ( Speaker: Rose Kormann (Retired Psychotherapist)

Week 9: Fall Prevention, (Northfield Senior Center Fitness Specialists)

Week 10: Community Engagement (Candy Taylor, Northfield Shares)

The Class will run on Wednesdays 1:30 to 3 pm Starting March 30th going through June 1st. Cost: $50

Please register online or by phone: 507-664-3700 or in person 1651 Jefferson Parkway, Northfield, Minnesota