Lin Bruce: “Extraordinary Bike Rides of an ‘Ordinary’ Person”

By March 7, 2013News

“Extraordinary Bike Rides of an ‘Ordinary’ Person”

On Wed, March 13 at 10am, Lin Bruce will share with us her adventures on the bicycle. Lin Approaching one of those decade-birthdays, she was wondering how she might celebrate, and was looking for adventure, when she noticed an ad in a magazine for a cross country bicycle ride that started on her birthday.  What put that ad before her eyes just as she was looking for something special to do?

Lin considers herself an ordinary person, who has had extraordinary times as she has crossed this country on a bicycle – now four times, most recently this last fall when she rode from Oregon along the Pacific coast all the way to San Francisco.

Come hear a bit about Lin’s experiences, and how she makes each journey one pedal stroke at a time.