Come for the Hot Topic on March 15

By March 14, 2012News

Spring Has Sprung!  After your walk in the lovely warm air,
join us for this week’s Hot Topic: Polarization in American Politics

Polarization in American Politics

Thurs, Mar 15, 10:30am

Leader: Dan Hofrenning

Where have the moderate Republicans gone? Are there no more conservative Democrats? It seems that Compromise become a “dirty word,” making it close to impossible for Congress to pass important legislation. With this kind of polarization in American politics, can our democracy survive?  What changes in American society explain this growth in the polarity and contentiousness of American politics?

Dan Hofrenning is a Professor of Political Science at St. Olaf College. His classes focus on American politics including campaigns and elections, environmental politics, and the intersection of religion and politics. In January 2004 and 2008, he took students to New Hampshire and South Carolina immediately prior to the presidential primaries in those states.

Fee: $5   Registration preferred; drop-ins welcome.