August Newsletter is published

By July 25, 2011News

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What IS it?  There has been a lot of speculation about the purpose for the new little house which almost magically appeared mid-July in our courtyard.  Some think it is a play house, others a weekend retreat, complete with beds and piped in music.  Rumors abound: a second sauna, a place for Lynne to secretly nap, an artist’s studio, a time-out room for people who lose puzzle pieces.  In truth, it is a beautiful new shed to store the tools needed to take care of our burgeoning gardens.  And it did not grow by magic, but with the skilled and industrious handiwork of these dedicated volunteers: Bill and Char Carlson, and Gerry and Carol Gengenbach.

We were able to purchase the shed with another grant from the Rice County SHIP program.  SHIP is an acronym for Statewide Health Improvement Program.  Gardening is a healthy pursuit for many reasons.  It fosters flexibility and strength in the gardener, and if a vegetable garden, it gives all of us healthy foods to eat.  (Did you notice those beautiful little tomatoes in the header of this newsletter?)   Gardens can also feed the soul with their beauty.  Please, step out onto our patio, stroll through the gardens or just sit and enjoy the peace.


Thank you, Bill Carlson, Char Carlson, Gerry Gengenbach, Carol Gengenbach, June Lenz, Crystal Meyer, Amy Moore, Kathy Hart, Lyle Matson, Gwen and Greg Smith, and Judy Code, for all your work in creating and caring for this spot of beauty and health!