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Computer Tech Help Plus
10/17 3:00pm
Osa Davis, a Carleton student will be available to help one-on-one with your computer, laptop, tablet or smart phone questions.\n No fee.
Thursday's Table
10/17 3:00pm
Free dinner served to anyone in the community that could benefit from a meal. Sponsored by Community Action Center.\n \n Meals served 5:00pm -6:30 pm\n \n Contact Dawn at CAC 664-3585
Ping Pong - SINGLES
10/17 3:15pm
The FiftyNorth-sponsored Ping Pong group is open to members as well as others in the community. Opportunities for all levels of play abound. The beginner or recreational players are as welcome as those who are interested in advancing their skills to enjoy a sport that is growing in popularity across the country. Learn to play, practice and have fun! Led by member-volunteers\n Fitness Group fees apply
The Band
10/17 4:00pm
FiftyNorth Band led by Phil Peterson will begin practices again Thursday September 19 from 4-5. This group welcomes members of any ability to play woodwind, brass or percussion instruments. Annual cost is $10.\n \n For more information please contact:\n Katie Felland\n \n Instructor: Phil Peterson
10/17 4:30pm
Mat Pilates for Strength & Balance\n In this fun class you will learn mat Pilates exercises that gently tone and strengthen all the muscles of the body. This includes but is not limited to toning your 'core', and gaining a deeper understanding of what that means so you can apply the principles to daily activities.\n We will use props (large balls, small balls, hand weights, etc) to add variety and challenge to the class, as well as standing, seated, and mat versions of the exercises.\n Cheryl is a certified Stott Pilates instructor with years of training and decades of teaching experience.\n Instructor: Cheryl Ramette\n Capacity: 12\n Cost: $9 nonmbr, $7 mbr, $0 plat-equiv
Aqua Fitness Fusion
10/17 5:30pm
All of our aquacise classes provide aerobic and strength conditioning using water resistance and buoyancy. They include a warm up, a conditioning phase, a cool down, and stretches.\n \n Instructor: Marcy Kramer
10/17 6:00pm
Progressive strength training class involving selectorized and free weight equipment with timed stations, led by instructor. Fitness Orientation required.\n Instructor: Various
10/17 6:30pm
Attendees may exercise or swim at their own risk in our warmly heated pool. Volunteer monitors usually available. Lap swimming, water exercising and some water exercising equipment available. Any personal equipment must be approved by staff. Open Swim is not available during Aqua Fitness classes. Swimmers are expected to be ready to exit the building by closing time. ADA compliant lift available. Bring your own attendant.
Water Volleyball
10/17 7:00pm
For fun and fitness, NOT a competitive league! No experience required. Achieve your fitness goals while playing a game. Think of it as low impact aerobic exercise, or just pure entertainment.\n \n Leader: Volunteer Rotation\n \n Aqua Group fees apply
10/18 6:00am
The fitness room is available for use Monday - Thursday 6am-8pm, Friday & Saturday 6 am-6pm, Sunday 9am-6pm. Enter through door just west of main doors between 6 and 7 am.