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9/25 6:00am
The fitness room is available for use Monday - Thursday 6am-8pm, Friday & Saturday 6 am-6pm, Sunday 9am-6pm. Enter through door just west of main doors between 6 and 7 am.
9/25 6:00am
Attendees may exercise or swim at their own risk in our warmly heated pool. Volunteer monitors usually available. Lap swimming, water exercising and some water exercising equipment available. Any personal equipment must be approved by staff. Open Swim is not available during Aqua Fitness classes. Swimmers are expected to be ready to exit the building by closing time. ADA compliant lift available. Bring your own attendant.
Other Activities
9/25 6:00am
Any Center Activity, including time spent in the lobby, use of the alcove computer, working in the gardens, Tax Aide, hanging a gallery show, Medicare counseling, etc. This is a catch-all for any Center Activity NOT listed elsewhere on this calendar, for the purposes of tracking attendance.
Personal Training
9/25 6:00am
Personal Training Sessions must be previously arranged with the personal trainers.
Walking, Biking, Running
9/25 6:00am
Walking, biking or running is recorded as Center-sponsored fitness activity as long as the individual checks in at the Front Desk before or right after the activity.
Cardio Strength Mix
9/25 7:00am
Strength training class in the studio. Uses free weights, bands, and body weight to strengthen and tone.

Instructor: Varies
Early Bird Aqua
9/25 7:00am
All of our aquacise classes provide aerobic and strength conditioning using water resistance and buoyancy. They include a warm up, a conditioning phase, a cool down, and stretches.

Instructors: Kaethe Boutelle, Sheilah Giles
Aqua Yoga
9/25 8:00am
Enjoy ways to relax and work your muscles in the same manner as a land yoga class, but instead in a 89 degree pool. You will use various equipment to help maintain the best poses and stability while you are in the water.

Fees: $7m, $9nm

Instructor: Marie Fredrickson, Certified Yoga and Aqua Yoga Instructor
Core & More
9/25 8:15am
Core and More
Tues 8:15-9:00 a.m.,

Pilates-style midsection toning of the abs, back and sides, incorporating stability balls, weighted balls, balls and 1/2 foam rolls. Postural correction and alignment are emphasized. Intermediate balance training included.

Instructors: Kaethe Boutelle
Hiking - St. Croix Bluffs Regional Park
9/25 8:30am
Hiking is a great way to get your steps in and workout for the day. Hiking also helps relieve stress and lets you see the beauty of nature.
The FiftyNorth Hiking Group is looking for more participants to join in on their remaining hikes.
All Hikers meet at FiftyNorth and head off to their hiking destination. Please be at FiftyNorth fifteen minutes before the hike starts, please bring proper attire for the day, proper footwear, water bottle, and bag lunch.