The Arts

Radio Dramedy Opens Tonight (Sat, April 30)

Two old time radio shows will be performed live by the Encore Players on the Sr Center Stage at 1651 Jefferson Pkwy.  One piece is Suspense: Sorry, Wrong Number, and the other is an episode of Flywheel, Shyster and Flywheel: The Prizefighter.  Linking the two shows is a series of (now funny) commercials of the 1940’s and 50’s.  Tickets to this show are just $10, adults and $5, children.  This event is open to the public, and would be enjoyed by all ages.  Performance times are Sat, April 30, 7pm, and Sun, May 1, 2pm.  Tickets are available at the Front Desk of the Center, online (Sat, Apr 30, 7pm OR Sun, May 1, 2pm), or at the door.

(Online purchase will be available until 2 hours before each performance)

New Exhibit in the NSC Gallery

Allan J. Mathison, Paintings of the Woods

Feb 8 – Mar 13             OPENING RECEPTION, TUES, FEB 16, 4 – 6PM

Allan J. Mathison taught art for 33 years in Morris Area High School, and also for the University of Minnesota, Morris. On a part time basis, he also ran an art framing business, a sign painting business as well as painting and selling his art work. Allan moved to Northfield in 2001, and since then has had more time and has gained new perspectives which have taken his painting in new directions.
In a statement about his painting, Allan writes,
“Having lived on the prairie for most of my life, I have found my encounters with wooded areas both a treat to my eyes and a gift to my soul, so it is only natural that when searching for subjects to paint I find myself painting what delights my eyes and soul. Since I am more concerned about the spirit and mood of the painting than the actual realistic representation, I use the techniques, composition, and colors that I feel will give the woods such qualities as silence, joy, and pride… Dance, symphony, melody, conversation are a few of the words that are used in my titles as part of an experience that one might have when encountering the colors, smells, sounds and winds in the woods. To me the woods are always moving like the strokes of an artist’s brush — twisting, turning, leaning.”

“Me Between Planes of Existence”

…had to be canceled due to the weather.  The guest speaker was delayed in her travels to the Twin Cities.

The Northfield Senior Center and the Northfield Arts Guild co-sponsor this presentation by Chinese artist Lisa Ginger.  In her presentation, Lisa will explore the things that surround us and influence our lives.  She will show photos of her recent work, looking at the question of what does it mean to start or end?

Blazing Guns at Roaring Gulch Opens on Friday

Our annual fall melodrama opens this weekend, with shows on Friday, Nov 20 at 7 pm, Saturday, Nov 21 at 7 pm, and Sunday, Nov 22 at 3 pm.  This show by Shubert Fendrich has villains, heroes, mistaken identities, theatrical has-beens, actor-wannabees, and plenty of fun for the audience.  Come to boo, hiss and cheer!  And after each performance, the audience is treated to luscious homemade cake.

Tickets are $10, adults and $5, children.  Purchase tickets online for




Cast includes Marie Gery, Ken Lee, Bob Bruce, Jim Haas, Rhoda Van Tassel, Jane Greenwood, Dan Van Tassel, Lin Bruce and Peggy Sheldon.  David M. Miller is the accompanist for the show; Patsy Dew is the director.

New Gallery Exhibit Features Two Painters

Opening Reception: Tues, Aug 18, 5 – 7pm

This exhibit features the paintings of two now-local artists. Mary Boylen has long had an interest in a variety of creative endeavors, but only honed in on watercolor painting about ten years ago, when she took a class in it from Marilyn Keating. Mary compliments Keating for teaching her to turn every “oops” into something worthwhile. Her passion for watercolor painting, especially of flowers, had been ignited.

Before moving to Northfield Bill Stromayer lived and worked in Chicago as a commercial artist. He worked at Kling Studio, whose clients included General Electric, Dobs Hats, Hart Shafner Marx and Morton Salt. At this studio, Bill was a co-developer of the Morton Salt girl. Bill has been painting equestrian subjects since the 1980’s.

Many Toured our Gardens this Weekend

The Sr Center was one of the six gardens on the Northfield Garden Club Tour this past weekend.  Judy Saye-Willis was the featured artist in the garden.  Judy, who works with natural dyes (you can still see her exhibit in the NSC Gallery which runs through Aug. 9), demonstrated how flowers out of the Center gardens could be used to create works of art. _DSC3217sm Thanks to the center gardeners, who made this stop on the Garden Tour so special:

Linda Billings, Joe Endert, Nancy Enge, Jim Glover, Kathy Hart, June Lenz, Jane Rezac, Vicki Roller, Chris Wood, Rose Turnacliff, Sandy Wenner, Carolyn Sanford, Lenora St. Martin and Edie Thomas

Gallery Opening Tuesday, July 7, 5 – 7pm

Meet the artist, Judy Saye-Willis, and learn from her about her process in creating this new body of work, “From Antiquities to the 21st Century – Nature’s Gentle Colors.”

Announcing the 5th Annual Senior Open Exhibit

Featuring the works of these 21 artists: Beverly Steberg, Kate Douglas, Marj Gruzsewski, Jim Haas, Mary Boylen, Marsha Kitchel, Donna Jackson, Roseann Goldman, Sharol Nau, Fred Johnson, Virginia Epps, Barb Cleare, Riki Kölbl Nelson, Patsy Dew, Fred Gustafson, Ruth Meliza, Bill Stromayer, Sandy Dinse, Rose Kormann, Catherine Hanson and Kathy Miller.