Special Orientations for New Fitness Equipment

By May 5, 2015Fitness, News

As we all know, when it comes to new equipment or change there is always a learning curve. To make things easier for this month Craig Swenson has gathered the assistance of volunteers and trainers to be available in the wellness center during certain hours each day. These volunteers and trainers will be there to help answer any basic questions that people may have about the new machines. We will have this style of orientation/monitoring for the rest of this month to see if we can help as many people as possible at the Northfield Senior Center.  We will post at the front desk and by the check in screen, the special dates and times people can come in to be orientated on the new equipment. Members do not need to sign up; they just need to come come in when it works best for them.

Here is the schedule for this week (May 11 – 15):

Monday 11th

8 am to 9 am Rita Olson

9 am to 10 am Sue Norstad

3 pm to 4 pm Sheilah Giles

Tuesday 12th

10:30 am to 11:30 am Nancy Nieman

1 to 2 pm Nancy Nieman

2 to 3 pm Sheliah Giles

3 to 4 pm Sheliah Giles

Wednesday 13th

8 am to 9 am Sheliah Giles and Kyle Nelson

9 am to 10 am Kyle Nelson

Thursday 14th

10:00 am to 11 am Sue Norstad

10:30 am to 2 pm Kyle Buck

5 to 6 pm Kyle Nelson

Friday 15th

8 am to 9 am Rita Olson

12 noon to 1 pm Sheliah Giles

Watch for more orientations for the new equipment next week.