Hot Reads for Cold Nights

By January 6, 2015News

Hot Reads for Cold Nights 2015 at the Northfield Public Library and at the Northfield Senior Center

Hot Reads for Cold Nights returns to the Northfield Public Library this winter.  During the cold, snowy months of January and February, curl up and read some books and win prizes at the library!  Join the library Hot Reads program starting Monday, January 6, and read for prizes until Saturday, February 28.

After reading a book, each patron will fill out a slip with their name and phone number and a few lines describing the book.  The name and phone number section of the paper will be cut off and put in a fishbowl.  The comment section of each slip will be posted on the bulletin board downstairs, near the new books.  Patrons will be able to browse each other comments for ideas of new books.  From the names in the fishbowl, three winners will be drawn each week.  Each winner will receive a $5.00 gift certificate to downtown businesses. Once again, patrons who use the Northfield Senior Center will be able to sign up and drop their book slips at the Senior Center.   The completed slips will be posted at the library, and the participants will be included in the weekly drawings.

Several library programs are being planned for winter months.  The programs are free and open to the public.

On Tuesday, January 13, Margo Krager, owner of Reproduction Fabrics in Northfield, will talk about reproduction fabrics that she sells, which are used for costuming and quilting.  She has fabrics from the time periods 1775 – 1950 and sells to costumers all over the world, through her online business.

On Tuesday, January 27, local writer Donnita Rogers will talk about her new book, Fanning the Flames, the second book in the Women of Beowulf  Series.

Library programs are free and open to the public.



  • Joann Bell says:

    Where and when is Margo giving a talk.

    • Patsy says:

      This information was provided by the Public Library. I’m sure the location is the Northfield Public Library, but do not know the time. I’ll try to find out, and let you know.

    • Patsy says:

      The talk is Tuesday, January 13, at 7:00 pm in the meeting room in the library.