New Data System at the Center

By January 2, 2012News

On January 2nd we launched a new  data system, called Schedules Plus.  Designer Deb Nusbaum of Rochester has worked with the Northfield Senior Center staff over the past year to customize this system, which she originally created for the Rochester Senior Center,  for the Northfield Center.    One new feature for those who use the Center is “self check-in.”   Another great feature is the on-line calendar of all events, classes, trips, etc that are happening at this very ACTIVE Center.  Click on the Calendar tab above, and check out this comprehensive calendar.  If you are interested in seeing just the Fitness classes, click on that category in the upper right corner.

This is an amazing calendar!  We finally have a way to fit all that happens here onto one calendar.


  • Bart de Malignon says:

    Is July/August most recent calendar??? Trying to access current calendar on my smartphone without success. – Bsrt

    • Patsy says:

      Bart – Our calendar is on-line, linked to our database system, and so is current (though you can navigate forward and back). So, I’m guessing there is some setting on your smart phone that needs adjustment, and I know nothing about that. Sorry.